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Our customers love JarTrek!

There's a reason more and more clubs are choosing JarTrek. With hundreds of installs at practically every type of fraternal, social and private membership club,  the word is getting out. JarTrek is "The Club Management Solution". Below are some testimonials from various clubs.

American Legion Post 177 Fairfax, Va.


"I love the reports available in JarTrek. They are easy to run, and simple to understand, that’s a big plus. I like that it tracks everything: food, liquor and especially the small games. The fact that I can track a game at any given moment, and know exactly where it stands is awesome. We were up and running after minimal training, and my staff found it very easy to use and loves it! The wait staff really likes not having to run back and forth to the kitchen anymore. It saves everyone a lot of time and aggravation. As a matter of fact, I manage two clubs and JarTrek is in both!"


-Doug Wilson, Post 177 Manager

American Legion Post 561 McConnelsburg, Pa.


"Our organization has been a customer with JarTrek for over 8 years. The day to day operation of JarTrek, changing prices, adding new items, and maintaining the gaming side of things is very intuitive. I rarely need to call for any assistance. However,  if a problem arises they are always there 24/7. If together we can't troubleshoot and fix it, they have always come to our business when needed and fixed anything on site. Words alone can not do this team justice. Always an awesome bunch of people to work with!"


-Tina Hall, Manager

VFW Post 15 Gettysburg, PA


"We purchased the JarTrek point of sale software and hardware to replace a nationally distributed restaurant point of sale package. We have found JarTrek to be very user friendly and the bartenders love it. JarTrek also gives us the right tools we need to run our club smoothly and efficiently."

-Yvonne Myers, Manager

VFW Post 7045 Hellam Pa.


"The staff at JarTrek are some of the most professional and knowlegable I've had the pleasure to work with. Round the clock service that can't be beat.

JarTrek has all the reporting that is needed to be in compliance with the LCE, and the information to help run an efficient club. So user friendly even a novice can navigate easily"

-Bonny Tennis, Manager

VFW Post 7530 Lower Allen Mechanicsburg, Pa.


"Approximately 2 years ago I was talked into taking a management position after bartending for about 30 years. The only thing I knew about JarTrek was how to ring up food, alchohol and gaming on the register. From the first day I walked into the office, I was on the phone with JarTrek. I was trying to make the system difficult, when in reality it is very easy to use. The way the system is set up makes it so easy to keep your small games of chance organized for the liquor control board. They took the time to walk me through the system, and they never seemed frustrated with my calls when I needed their help. I highly recommend this system, and the employees are wonderful!"


-Sandra Clark, Manager

Knights of Columbus McSherrystown, PA.


“Speaking on behalf of our staff, our Club has been a satisfied customer of American Micro Tech’s Jar Trek System since September, 2010. This system has several features which have helped us to better manage the way we do business.

The user-friendly manner of obtaining various reports has been a valuable tool. The sales reports have allowed us to get necessary financial data in a more timely manner. 

The touch-screen menu feature has helped improve our food business. With the kitchen printer, our cooks receive orders instantly allowing us to reduce the time it takes for our customers to receive their food.

The membership option has aided us immensely in time reduction in taking dues. Scanning our membership cards allows us to greatly reduce the bookkeeping time in maintaining membership records.

These are just 3 of the features of Jar Trek that have made us a satisfied customer. The proficient 24/7 customer service has been invaluable and I would recommend American Micro Tech to those who wish to improve the way they conduct their business.”


-Kevin Smith, Manager

Fraternal Order of Eagles ALVA Aerie 871 Alexandria, VA


We researched Point of Sale systems on and off for over a year. We finally agreed that buying a POS would be beneficial in tracking sales of both games and our food and beverage operations. We contacted several companies for specific system information and requested demonstrations of their systems. The JarTrek system really made an impression on our evaluation team and we decided to purchase the system from AmTech.

In a very short time, this has turned out to be one of the best decisions we have made in years! The initial JarTrek system set-up took a couple of weeks and an installation date was set. Installation and training took place on the same day. It could not have been easier. The system is very user friendly, the bartender training was well thought out and conducted in a hands-on manner. We operated in the training mode for 30 days without major issues expressed by the bar staff. We took the system live on November 30, 2011. The AmTech representative was on-site all day to ensure that any issues were dealt with immediately. The system performed flawlessly and the bartender had no problems operating it on a very busy night. We have been in operations for over 90 days without any issues.

The JarTrek back office software is already providing us with a tremendous amount of sales data and we are adjusting operations based on analysis of that data. New game information is easily input into the system and opening and closing games by the bartenders is a breeze. Automated tracking by serial number eliminates the need for manual recordkeeping. Adding new food and beverage items or changing a price takes less than a minute. 

The JarTrek Team has been great thoughout this process. From initial contact with the business office through demonstration, set-up, training, installation, and follow-up, the professionals at AmTech have been wonderful at assisting and guiding us. If you are considering a POS purchase, especially if you operate a private club, the JarTrek system should be first on your list.


Joe Hodge, managing board member

Moose Lodge 2168 Fairfax, Va


“The Jar Trek System installed by American Micro Tech has performed admirably. It has saved time and helped to control our inventory as advertised. The installation and up front training was excellent, and there have been no problems with the system since the initial turn-up. I highly recommend this product for club operations.”

-Mark Smith, Administrator

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