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Gain control and accountability of your small games activity by serial number and game type.

Our time tested scanning and touch screen interface make selling tickets

and issuing payouts as simple as it is accurate.  

Small Games tracking by serial number

Games are scanned into inventory by game type, and scanned into play by the bartender/ game operator by scanning the manufacturers serial number UPC sticker. This is the sticker on the ticket bag or box, and also on the seal or game flare.

Once the game is opened by scanning the serial number, the game becomes "active". Only then can you ring sales and payouts. Each payout screen is unique to the game being accessed, and the serial number displays under the receipt window when that game is selected. In the example in the image to the right you will see that serial number "55512351" is selected and displayed under the transaction window. The payouts for the selected game display to the right of the green quick entry keys. This game for example, has payout denominations as follows; $5, $15, $25, $100, and two $500.00 seals displayed in red.

Easy Sales and Payouts of Small Games of Chance
Small Games Tracking of Payouts and Seal Games

When the game is finished, the seal card UPC is scanned. This brings up the close / claim screen. This is where bartenders enter the winning numbers for seal games, and indicate if the winnings were awarded at this time or not. If the game is all instant payouts, the bartender simply depresses finish to indicate the game is out of play. They can then  scan another game to bring another one into play.

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