JarTrek has many available reports and built in controls

for auditing and oversight of your gaming activity.


This is the game (aka tip jar) history journal screen. This is a tool designed for managers and officers to be able to spot check games. It give a summary of how the game was played, with pay out denominations and quantities, and sales entries summary by date. A more detailed view is available for viewing and/ or printing.

This is the game inquiry function that can be made available at the POS station in certain jurisdictions. In clubs that "pull" the games before they are played through, this is accessible at the POS and can be password protected to prevent unauthorized access.

This is an example of the Paid Out Report and the selection tool. You can see there are many options for taking this, as well as other reports. Most reports have built in filters and selections to customize the output. Whether for summary or detailed information, or for internal or jurisdictional use, etc.

JarTrek has reports that can give you insight into your gaming activity. No other system has this level of reporting built in!


Click on the thumbnails below for a sampling of some of the reports,

specifically designed for small games activity tracking and auditing.


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