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One of the keys to the success of any solution is ease of use. If you make the job easy, it is much more likely to be done correctly. This is where JarTrek excels.  Food, liquor, beer, membership and gaming can all be accessed without changing screens. Ringing tickets and pay outs is not very different from ringing a cheeseburger, or a beer.

No Cash Register or Restaurant POS can do all this!

Point of Sale systems have replaced cash registers in most food service and night club establishments, but non-profit, social and fraternal clubs have been slow to adopt this technology, and with good reason. Restaurant or Nightclub Point of Sale systems simply can not provide solutions unique to a club’s operation. 

Station screens can be customized for individual stations, or even on the fly for changing roles. For example, if wait staff don't sell games, there is no reason to have gaming available on that station, and many reasons NOT to have it available where it is not needed or wanted. This adds to ease of use as each station can be customized to the task at hand.

Anatomy of a system built for speed and accuracy

JarTrek POS Easy Screen Entries
Navigation Keys
Quick Quantity Keys
Check Detail Display
Quick Function Keys
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