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It's not just about gaming!


A Complete Food and Beverage Point of Sale System

"Just because we have the best small games capability, doesn't mean we had to skimp on Food and Beverage control".

Although many clubs derive a great deal of revenue from gaming, they still need a Point of Sale that will benefit every aspect of the business. JarTrek has features that rival many systems designed for nightclubs and restaurants, and goes beyond with features unique to the way clubs do business. Whether or not your club has gaming, you still have needs not addressed in other systems.

  • Drink “setup chip” tracking system. Add accountability, and optionally replace plastic chips.

  • Automatic happy hour and special event price changes by day and time.

  • Remote kitchen printing with food preparation and modifier instructions.

  • Split or combine checks / bar tabs.

  • Easy to find menu items, discounts & paid outs.

  • Guest checks and tabs stored and available at all stations.

  • Scanning interface for gaming and fast smart check pickup and settling.

  • Gift card sale, reload and redemption tracking.

  • An electronic journal that records every transaction in detail. Powerful sort, filter and date range tools allow you to pinpoint and review activity by employee, menu item, serial number, or transaction type

  • Password level security by employee and job code.

  • Multi use terminals can change to fit your needs. Screen layout and cashiering type can be assigned by location or for special events like banquets, band night and even Bingo sessions.

  • Member dues can be paid, and member information can be made available at the POS terminal or the Back Office with the MemberTrek module

  • Server management functions for table service operations, including self banking and tip reporting.

  • Cashier and server reports by employee, shift, or workstation. 

Built for Speed, and Accuracy!

Visit a club that has JarTrek, and you'll quickly find out why more and more clubs are choosing "The Solution for Food, Beverage, and Gaming". Bartenders, Wait Staff and Managers love JarTrek. Its easy to use, easy to train new employees, and easy to customize for each clubs' unique needs. 

JarTrek POS Screen annotated
Quick Quantity Keys
Navigation Keys
Check Detail Display
Quick Function Keys
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