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You shouldn't have to be a computer geek

to maintain your point of sale system!

Ease of use extends to the "Back of the House" operations as well. You shouldn't have to have a degree in computer science to add, change, or maintain your data or issue a report. Managers and officers use the Back Office interface on a dedicated managers workstation to access reports, change prices, maintain employee information, enter gaming inventory, etc. With a simple menu driven system, and quick keys for commonly used tasks, JarTrek is anything but intimidating. Scroll down for a few examples of JarTreks easy to navigate Back Office Program.

JarTrek Back Office Highlight

A program that is easy to navigate.


Here is an example of food and liquor item maintenance.

Food and Liquor Preset Menu
Food and Liquor Preset Edit

In order to edit a menu item, just select "POS" from the main menu, "Food/Liquor Files", and then "Food/Liquor Presets". Click the change button and go from viewing to editing. Want to change prices, click in the price field and type in the new price. You may notice there are eight price levels. This is for price changes to be made on the fly, by day of the week and time, manually, or at individual terminals for location or event based pricing (i.e. banquets, ballroom, or bingo hall).

Menu Item Price Scedule

Change or add modifiers for a specific menu item directly from within that menu items maintenance page. The image below is, for example, a delmonico steak. JarTrek has the ability to automatically prompt for required or optional modifiers, or kitchen instructions which can then be sent to a kitchen prep printer. Click the modifier button, and the modifier screen appears.

Food and Liquor Preset Screen

Drag and drop individual choices, or select from a pre-defined modifier template. Indicate how many choices (clicks) are required. In the example to the left, we are placing side items for selection. Notice number of clicks is set to "2", as this entree comes with two sides.

Food and Liquor Modifier Edit
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