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With JarTrek you can be " in the know" when it comes to gaming activity.

 From the moment games are received into inventory, to the moment each individual game is closed and prizes are claimed.



"If you make the task easy, it is much more likely to be done correctly"

That is our philosophy when it comes to tracking small games.

Simple inventory entry, and intuitive sales entries make everyones job easier.

Bulk add Serial Numbers for Small Games of Chance

Add serial numbers in bulk by scanning the UPC's on the games themselves, or serialized packing list that comes with your shipment. Simply choose the game type and scan in the serial numbers. You can enter the cost for the current shipment, the distributor, and invoice number. This makes it easy to compare what you ordered to what you actually received.

When you purchase new games, you will add them to the system. The information for this is taken directly from the game flare from the manufacturer and takes seconds to enter. Once a game type is added, its available for inventory entries, and stays in the inventory catalog until you choose to delete it. Having this basic information allows the system to calculate the profitabilty of each game by type.

Inventory for Small Games by Type and serial Number
Inventory for Small Games by Serial Number

Each serial number (individual game) is kept in inventory and updated as the game is received, opened for play, and as sales entries and pay outs are registered at the point of sale by the bartender  game operator. And this information is kept in an electronic journal which records what was done, when, and by which employee! See the next image below for a screenshot of a game that was played and the corresponding data recorded.

Game play history is displayed in summary form. It is also available as a detailed report for printing and viewing.

Small Games serial number history
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