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ONE system designed by and for clubs like yours.

No one else can offer a single software and hardware solution that does all the things that JarTrek can! Before you spend valuable time and money on workarounds and incomplete solutions, talk to a club near you that is using JarTrek. We have hundreds of successful installations and long standing relationships with a wide variety of clubs. Get the right tool, the ONE tool for the job: JarTrek! If you want to get the best solution, make sure you make an informed choice. We will be glad to visit you at your convenience and at your club.


We have seen offerings that do limited small game tracking, but lack specific, pre-formatted jurisdiction reports, limited or non-existing Food and Beverage control, or that use a third party restaurant or retail software to do what JarTrek does "out of the box". This adds complexity to the bartender and wait staff operation, as well as managers tasks of reports and and database management. Some would have you use one program for games, another separate software package for food and beverage, and yet another membership. Or perhaps worse, a system with promises of "coming soon" functionality.


JarTrek has evolved to become “The Club Management Solution”. Every feature of JarTrek has been added over time (15 years and counting) in response to the needs, and with the direct input of club managers, employees, and officers. Our success, and the fact that JarTrek has been successfully installed in hundreds of clubs has not gone unnoticed. There are a few enterprising individuals who have or who are trying to capitalize on this success. But frankly, they have a lot of catching up to do! No one has yet been able to offer a single software package that can match JarTrek feature to feature. 

JarTrek was originally built to manage gaming inventory and profits. The bulk of many clubs’ revenue is derived from the sale of tip jars, punch boards and related gambling devices. If pull tabs “walk out the door” or if bartenders “borrow” from the profits there is the potential to lose a great deal of money!  JarTrek provides serialized inventory of all games, by game type, from the moment games are received from your distributor to the point when winners are claimed. All sales, including food, beverage, and small games are accessed from the same screen. This is just one of the reasons bartenders and game operators love this system. Its the fastest way to ring up sales of games, and food and beverages. This common interface makes training new employees a breeze!


Because these games can take days or even weeks to play out a traditional cash register or "run of the mill" Point of Sale can not track them acurately. Most systems were designed to keep track of items sold individually, day by day.  



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